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Corporate Social Responsibility

DARA Bros GP within the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility is committed to:

  • Full compliance with national and international labor regulations and principles related to work but also to the protection, well-being, health and safety of children. In this context, people under the age of 18 are not hired in its facilities. Child labor is not acceptable and according to the company's policy, working with suppliers who use child labor in any facility of their own or their subcontractors is not permitted

  • The mandatory signing of employment contracts with all employees

  • Providing the right to collective action and collective bargaining for all employees

  • Defending employment equality and equal opportunities regardless of:

    • Sex,
    • Marital status,
    • The existence of dependent members or not,
    • Religious beliefs or political status,
    • Race (nationality, skin color, etc.),
    • Age
  • Compliance with the working time schedule and the salary set by our national legislation

  • Promptly informing our staff on labor issues, corporate social responsibility, quality but also on environmental, labor and deontology issues

  • Informing the state services on environmental issues, through the Head of Quality Assurance, Environment, Health and Safety at Work

  • Ensuring the protection of the environment through the implementation of a reduced energy footprint policy (recycling of materials)

  • The impartial evaluation of its staff, avoiding the use of disciplinary practices

  • However, if the company's policy regarding quality, the environment, health and safety as well as corporate social responsibility is violated, disciplinary action may be imposed, including dismissal

  • The fight against any form of violence, bribery, corruption and fraud. It complies fully with competition laws, promotes rightful, free and fair competition. It rejects practices which violate competition principles and free market rules

DARA BROS company calls on its suppliers to embrace the above principles.
The business practice policy of DARA BROS, aims to provide the company's employees with simple guidelines, in the context of their work.
DARA BROS employees should always see correct judgment and be guided by the following basic principles:

  • To avoid behaviors, situations, events that could jeopardize the reputation of the company

  • To act legally and honestly

  • To avoid any conflict of interest

  • To report any observed violation of law (or suspected violation of law) or act that violates the Business Practice Policy

As a consequence of the above, the Management of the company is committed to its active participation in the implementation of the System and the provision of resources at every level (human-material-financial) that will contribute to its continuous improvement.
DARA BROS employees has appointed the “Health and Safety Committee” and the “Head of Environmental Management and Health and Safety”, who is also responsible for corporate social responsibility.


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