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Innovation is a key driver force for growth and a primary axis for DARA BROS.

Research has shown that the packaging of a product significantly influences the final decision of the consumer. Especially if one takes into account that seven seconds are enough to "gain" their attention

For this reason, our company is constantly evolving its packaging, offering modern design, high protection and innovative solutions to every requirement.

One of the main priorities of our company is the creation of products with reduced environmental costs, as the protection of the environment is a major obligation for us.

In order to constantly adapt to the needs of the modern consumer, the packages created by DARA BROS:

  • offer excellent protection to the product. Consumer safety is our highest priority, which is why our packaging protects the products from any physical, chemical and microbial attack but also from environmental conditions (light, humidity, air).

  • assist in the sale of the product. The materials, shapes, colors and design make your product stand out and be more attractive.

  • are practical and functional. As it turns out, the majority of consumers choose to buy again and again something that is in a more "convenient" package

  • differentiate the product from the other similar ones in the market. The packages are designed with the aim of triggering the imagination and curiosity of consumers, so that they want to discover the product

  • respect the environment and inspire new attitudes in consumers for a "clean" waste-free future.

Thus, having full awareness of the value of a successful packaging, our company has developed a department that exclusively focuses on the research and creation of new smart and innovative packaging.

At the same time, DARA BROS is continually investing in new technologies, becoming a constant value over time, a reliable partner and a guaranteed solution to every expressed need of its customers.


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